Summer Camp Thailand Reviews

I spent one month at Camp Thailand last summer and I wish I could go back! I was lucky enough to go to Camp A, The Beach and Secret Garden; I literally miss it every single day. As soon as we arrived we were having a great time – I was so scared that I wouldn’t make any friends but everyone at Camp Thailand was super friendly, which was amazing. All of the reps were really welcoming and got everyone chatting pretty quickly, which helped us all socialise!

I chose to do the Bangkok tour, so I spent the first few days we spent in Bangkok which I would definitely recommend; I was lucky enough to see all of the best sites in Bangkok for just £69 in a day! After exploring Bangkok and trying pretty much every type of street food that exists (including scorpions!) we headed off to camp.

Camp A is just a 2 hour drive from Bangkok, which is pretty convenient, although I found it awesome just taking in my surroundings during the journey. I think that was when it truly set in that I was finally at Camp Thailand! The first day at camp we just settled into accommodation, there’s a pool at Camp A so as I’m sure you can imagine everyone was downstairs sunbathing before you knew it. During the month I spent at Camp Thailand, I got to do some activities, which where out of this world and I’ll definitely remember them forever. My favourite activities across the month were probably the water park and obviously, bathing the elephants.