It Must Be the World’s Largest Water Fight…

Slip Into the New Year With Songkran

Everybody knows the New Year drill – the same songs reverberate through the walls at a friend’s house party, finger food festers on the side as an abundance of alcohol takes priority while attention soon turns to the television for an official countdown  courtesy of Mr. Big Ben, prior to a customary splashing of luminous fireworks to round off the celebrations for another year; it’s a well oiled machine used by the majority, a fool-proof regime that rarely digresses.

Like many countries throughout the globe, Thailand celebrates New Year, though the Thai celebrations commence four months later in April, with the unique tradition, Songkran.

The celebration of Songkran takes place in the streets of Thailand and is essentially a monumental water fight; a far cry from the Baltic garden parties taking place in England every December.

The mere mention of the celebration injects an immediate sense of excitement amongst Camp Thailand participants who have been fortunate enough to experience the event; due to the timing of the event, applicants who coincide their trip to Thailand with April will have the opportunity to don their waterproofs and welcome the New Year Thai-style.

A full day encompassing water fights, live music and beer, Songkran couldn’t be further from the conventional New Year celebrations in the freezing cold, wherever you may call home. With a foam party at the end of the night to cap off the night in spectacular fashion, New Year festivities won’t quite be the same again following your exposure to Songkran!